Scratch Curbside Comes to WSPL


If you happened to drive down 8th Avenue in Wellman on Tuesday, you might have slowed down when you noticed a big pink truck parked in front of City Hall. Scratch Cupcakery  brought their Curbside Cupcake Truck to WSPL this week and after much anticipation, the town of Wellman rejoiced with cupcakes.


When the Curbside truck opened at 11:00 a.m., the line stretched down the street and the people kept coming! There were 10 different flavors available as well as cookies and three gluten free cupcake options.


Alas, the cupcakes sold out by 12:20 p.m. Apparently Wellman’s love for cupcakes was even more than excepted! The WSPL is hoping to have Scratch Curbside back again next year. So if you missed out this time you might have another chance! Just remember to come early! Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our blog and Facebook Page for all upcoming library events like this.



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