A (Pre)historic Success!

Oh my word! We are absolutely blown away by all the amazing families who came out to join us yesterday for our Dino Adventure!! Over the course of just three short hours, over 950 people came out to share in our adventure, play games, learn about rocks and fossils, dig for fossils, and check our our big dinosaurs. This has been our largest event yet!

It was busy. It was a little crazy. And we love every minute of it!

We cannot thank everyone who joined us enough! From the families to the volunteers who helped make this possible, you have our deepest gratitude!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting our library!!!

Website Updates Continue

Hey everyone! We’ve been continuing to work on updating our website and making it even better. We’ve added new events calendars, info on the services our library provides, an overview of our library, community resources, and individual pages for adults, children, and teens. In addition to adding new content and pages to our site, we’re working hard on keep you up to date with all of our new books, programming, and news here on the blog. Be sure to follow us to keep in the loop!

We want to keep adding resources and information so we can best serve our community. Want to see something added to the website or have questions? Comment below or reach out to us via our contact page!