What We’ve Been Up To: Summer Reading Program

We’ve been busy so far this summer!  Check out what we’ve been up to:Week1KCRG

Justin Gehrts from KCRG’s weather lab came to speak to the kids about clouds and rain.  They really enjoyed seeing his presentation!


Our first craft was to make quilt squares for lap quilts for the nursing home.  The kiddos did a great job creating cheerful, colorful designs.  We are currently working on getting the quilts all sewn and ready.  We had enough squares to make 5 quilts!


The Grout Museum came and shared some fun science experiments with the kids.  They had a blast watching her and hearing the science behind the reactions.


Maryann from Reha Greenhouse came out and read a story to the kids and shared some plants.  She brought in some colorful plants for them to look at, some fragrant herbs for them to smell, and some soft plants for them to touch.  At the end they made a “rain storm” to “water the plants.”  It was so much fun!


Today, we painted Tin Can Planters.  It was so fun seeing the bright designs the kids created.  Hopefully soon, they’ll be filled with beautiful plants.

Book Review

A few more reviews from our young readers.  Enjoy!

Book Title: What was I scared of

Author: Dr seuss

Please share a brief overview of the book, without giving too much away: I read what was I scared of by Dr Seuss. The Zax was running from the pans.They keep scaring him in the woods in the town of Grin-Itch and on Roover river. One day the Zax talked to the pants now he is not scared.

Why did you like or dislike this book?: I liked this book because the Zax characters talk to each other and they are funny.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?: Yes

Anything else you’d like to share?: All first graders should read this book because it is funny.

Review by T.E.

Book Title: I love my new toy

Author: mo willems

Please share a brief overview of the book, without giving too much away: I read I Love My New Toy. One day Elephant broke Piggie’s toy. It got fixed.

Why did you like or dislike this book?: I really liked it. It teaches children not to fight. Brothers and sisters should read this book.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?: Yes

Review by P.M.


@ Your Library

@ YOUR LIBRARY…. If you are participating in the Summer Reading Program, be sure to check your email and calendar for dates and times of activities. On Friday, June 16th at 1:00 p.m. we will be showing the movie “Swan Princess: Royally Undercover”!

@ YOUR LIBRARY…. Save the date! JUNE 17 at 10:00 a.m. New York Times best-selling author Heather Gudenkauf will visit the Library to discuss her latest release and autograph books!

@ YOUR LIBRARY…  Like us on Facebook and check out our websitewww.wellmanlibrary.org for information about library and city events.  Look under the tab “Library and Community Events”.  Follow our library blog at www.wellmanlibrary.blogspot.com for information, news and happenings.  We have many activities planned for the next several months and you can find the details there.

Quote of the Week:  In 2013, there were 1.5 billion in-person visits to public libraries across the U.S., the equivalent of more than 4 million visits each day. That’s 2,854 per minute. ~American Library Association

 Fiction:     CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH by Colleen Oakley

FALLOUT by Sara Paretsky

AGAINST ALL ODDS by Danielle Steel

RAY OF LIGHT by Shelley Shepard Gray

WHITE PICKET FENCES (Large Print) by Susan Meissner


Young Adult:     GEM & DIXIE by Sara Zarr

Junior Fiction:  CAMP HALF-BLOOD CONFIDENTIAL by Rick Riordan



Easy:        PLEASE, PLEASE THE BEES by Gerald Kelley

BUNNYBEAR by Andrea J. Loney




Book Review

We are excited to share a few more book reviews this morning from our young readers.

Book Title: Elephants Cannot Dance.

Author: Mo Willems

Please share a brief overview of the book, without giving too much away: I read Elephant Cannot Dance By Mo Willems.Elephant name Gerald can’t dance. Piggie tries too help then,the Squirrel admire Gerald danceing. So they fix the problem.

Why did you like or dislike this book?: I like the Squirrel when they like Gerald danceing. Because they make him happy.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?: Yes

Anything else you’d like to share?: If you like someone making you happy you should read this book.

Review by G.R.

Book Title: Amelia bedelia chalks one up

Author: Herman parish

Please share a brief overview of the book, without giving too much away: I read amelia bedelia and Rose went uotside to play with chalk. Then the chalk washed away. She felt happy because it was sunny and brit.

Why did you like or dislike this book?: I dont like when the chalk washed away. I like when Rose drow roses.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?: Yes

Anything else you’d like to share?: If you like chalk you wood like this book.

Review by A.K.


Big Library Read


The Other Einstein selected for Big Library Read Digital Book Club at Wellman-Scofield Public Library
Readers can borrow and read the eBook for free without waitlists and holds for two weeks

She’s the woman behind one of the most famous men of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein. Meet Mileva Marić, The Other Einstein. Readers of (Library name) can learn all about this remarkable woman by participating in the world’s largest global eBook reading club through libraries, Big Library Read. Millions of readers around the world will read the eBook The Other Einstein at the same time beginning Monday, June 12 and concluding June 26. (Library name) users will be able to borrow the eBook by visiting [insert link to your digital collection http://xxx.lib.overdrive.com. Big Library Read is facilitated by OverDrive, the leading platform for eBooks and audiobooks from the library.

The Other Einstein (Sourcebooks) by Marie Benedict offers a window into the fascinating story of Einstein’s first wife. A brilliant physicist in her own right, her contribution to the special theory of relativity is hotly debated and may have been inspired by her own profound and very personal insight. A historical fiction book, it offers readers a window into a brilliant, fascinating woman whose light was lost in Einstein’s enormous shadow.

“The moment I first learned about Mileva, I discovered that she was fascinating in her own right and I felt compelled to tell her tale,” said Marie Benedict, author of The Other Einstein. “The more I researched Mileva and came to know her through her letters, I realized that her story was powerful and important in itself, and instrumental in understanding our own history and the role of women in it. I hope that you enjoy The Other Einstein and that Mileva’s story sparks many spirited conversations with other Big Library Read readers.”

Big Library Read is an international reading program that connects millions of readers around the world simultaneously with an eBook though the library.  Readers can join an onilne conversation about the book at BigLibraryRead.com.  The free program runs for two weeks and to get starting reading, all that is needed is a library card.  The Other Einstein can be read on all major computers and devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Chromebook and Kindle without worrying about wait lists or holds.  The eBook will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, and there are no late fees.