SRP Online Resources


Here is a list of online resources that go along with our Universe of Stories SRP theme.

Mars Rover Boarding Pass: Create your personalized boarding pass for the Mars Rover mission!

Your Age on Other Planets: Enter your birthday and find out how old you would be on another planet

Your Weight on Other Planets : Enter your weight and find out how much you would weigh on another planet

Build a Solar System: Calculate a scale model of our universe

Exploratorium Observatory : The Exploratorium’s Guide to Astronomy Resources

Amazing Space: Hubble photos, exploration projects, stories, etc.

NASA website

NASA Kids Club: Info, games, crafts, and more

NASA Selfies App: Instructions on how to download and use NASA’s Selfie App, where you can take a picture of yourself as an astronaut.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program: Be a Martian and get the latest Mars news, images, and information and be part of a community of explorers

Helioviewer: This is a solar image visualization tool that uses real NASA data from the Solar Dynamic Observatory to create short videos of the Suns’ activity, as well as view past solar events. Helioviewer tutorial:

StarDate: Videos, activities, and stargazing resources

Build Your Own Cardboard Space Rocket: Full instructions on how to start building your own rocket!