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This is your weekly one-stop shop blog post to keep you up to date on all the happenings at the Wellman Public Library! A place to check in and see at a glance what programs we have coming up, storytime and toddler time themes, new books on our shelves, and more! Check back every Monday for updates!

week of February 27

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New Books

New Books

Tips for Book Lovers: Goodreads


If you are an avid book reader you probably already have some clever tips or hacks that you use (we’d love to hear about your book hacks in the comment section below!)  We here are the WSPL have our own book hack this week. We’ve recently started using as a way to connect with our patrons and find out about new books. If you’ve never heard of Goodreads, we’ll give you a quick introduction.

Goodreads is a free website or app for book lovers. The site has several helpful functions. You can keep track of the books you’ve read and will receive book recommendations based on your reading history. You can also link to your friends’ profiles and read their reviews or send each other recommendations. With the Goodreads app on your smartphone or tablet, you are able the scan a book’s cover or bar code to add it to your list of books you’ve read or want to read.  You can even create a yearly reading challenge for yourself. The Community section of Goodreads has a lot to offer with discussion forums, ask the author, trivia, creative writing and more. A book lover could spend hours wandering around this website!

If you are a Goodreads member, check out at WSPL page weekly to see a few of the new books that are hitting our shelves. We love to interact with our patrons on line!

For more information on Goodreads or to open up your own account, click HERE.

Happy Reading!