Book Trailers Resources

For the 2018 Summer Reading Program, participants will have a chance to earn an extra entry in the grand prize drawing each week by submitting a book review or a book trailer for an age-appropriate book that they have read this summer. We will be posting the trailers on our website for public viewing, so please do not include any personal information on the video. Each trailer should be an original work, not copying from any other book trailers. Please give credit/site any pictures or sounds that you have used at the end of your trailer. You will need to upload your trailer to YouTube to share it with us(instructions below)

To submit your book trailer click HERE.

To write a Book Review, click HERE

Below you will find some resources and examples for book trailers and a link to our book review page.

Offical/Professional Trailers:

Book Trailers made using iMovie:

Resources to make your own book trailer:

Click HERE for an article from Book Trailers for readers on How to Make a Book Trailer

Here are a few more examples of Book Trailers created by students:

The BFG:

Charlotte’s Web:

And  a few more professional Book Trailers:

Pig the Winner:

The Bad Guys:

Young Adult Book Trailers:


How to Upload a video to YouTube