New Books September 7 2021

Wellman-Scofield Public Library

Director, Erin Campbell

Library News for the week of

September 6 2021

@Your Library….

Library will be closed on September 6th for Labor Day!

Scratch Cupcakes is coming to the library September 14th from 11-2pm.

New Books added this week:

Adult Fiction:             She Wouldn’t Change a Thing by Sarah Adlakha

                                    Another Kind of Eden by James Lee Burke

                                    The Noise Robert Patterson

                                    Miss Julia Happily Ever After by Ann B. Ross

                                    Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams

                                    Tidewater Bride by Laura Frantz

Junior Fiction:            Sydney and Taylor Take a Flying Leap by Deborah Hocking

Junior Non-Fiction: Spiders: Worldwide Web by Tait Howard

                                    Inner Workings by Peter Hinckley

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