Be smart about money!

Every parent is eager to have their child learn about money and money management. It is never too early to begin learning important financial lessons which instill good habits and smart choices. We have added several new books to our collection to help encourage children to save and spend wisely.

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent by Bonnie Worth

Berenstain Bears’ Dollars and Sense by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Just saving my money by Mercer Mayer

The Penny pot by Stuart J. Murphy

Curious George saves his pennies

Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells

Lemonade in winter by Emily Jenkins

For fun I have collected a PINT jar of pennies. If children would like to guess how many are in the jar, please send me their guess at Guess coming closest to the actual number will receive all the pennies in the jar!

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