Library Happenings: Beanie Babies and Cupcakes!

We had a fun week here at the Wellman-Scofield Public Library! On Tuesday, we had our Beanie Baby Adoption Day. We had a great turnout and even had several new families come into the library for the first time and we are always so happy to see new faces! Kids were able to look through the Beanie Babies and pick out their favorite, then they made a beaded collar for their pet and filled out an adoption certificate agreeing to take good care of their pet and read them a story every day.

On Thursday, Scratch Curbside came to the library to sell their amazing cupcakes. This is the third year that we’ve invited them to Wellman and every year our community shows up, rain or shine, and they sell out of cupcakes in record time! Its such a fun day and we love to have a chance to talk with community members!

After all the cupcake deliciousness on Thursday, Miss Megan went to West Elementary for our first Preschool Storytime of the school year. They were a silly and fun group and we had a blast!

And lastly, we had Toddler Time on Friday morning, where our theme was Hooray for Hats! We encouraged our toddler friends to wear their favorite hat and we read books and sang songs all about hats!

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