Star Lab Visit

We had a great event to kick off our summer reading program this past Friday! The Grout Museum brought their mobile planetarium to Wellman! While the library was far too small to fit the huge blow up tent, we had plenty of room at the Parkside Activity Center! We took groups of 30 kids and parents into the star lab at a time for an overhead presentation about the wonders of the night sky. We had over 100 people attend! It was tricky to get any pictures of the actual program as it was inside a dark area. While groups were waiting for their turn we had some fun activities for them and Ms. Carol read a story. It was a great event overall!

We can’t wait for our next program this afternoon! Chad Elliott will be here at 3:00 PM with his Wilderman’s Treetop Tales musical act. And on Thursday we will have our first ever Space Walk Storytime at North Park! We will have 3 librarians stationed through out the park for a rotating storytime followed by a quick activity.

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