Giving Tuesday at @ WSPL


After all the shopping deals have passed, there is now a day to give back to the community.  Today is Giving Tuesday across the country. Locally, please consider donating to the Wellman-Scofield Public Library Renovation Fundraiser. We are fundraising to expand our current library to nearly double the size.  For more information on our renovation project, visit our Renovation Updates page.

There are several ways to donate, you could stop in the library and donate in person (we are always happy to see your faces!), you can mail a check to Wellman-Scofield Library 711 4th St., Wellman, IA 52356, you can go to our Donations page and donate via PayPal, or you can contribute to our Facebook Fundraiser.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us here at the library at 319-646-6858 or stop by. Happy Holidays!

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