Book Love: Non-Book Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

As you start up your holiday shopping, here are a few ideas for the book lovers in your life!

The 31 Best Non-Book Gifts For Book Lovers

What to get for your friend who has every book.


The holidays are the perfect time to show everyone you love that you notice the special quirks that make them tick: the gardener, the chef, the bookworm. A well-selected book always makes for a welcome present to a reader ― and if you’d like to gift books this holiday season, we have a few humble suggestions ― but maybe you’re worried you won’t know the right genre or just want to mix things up.

Not to worry! A cozy throw to snuggle under while enjoying a long novel, a clever mug to hold steaming tea, upcycled book art; there’s no shortage of wonderful odds and ends that will make your favorite bookworm’s life better. To aid your search, here are 31 of our favorite non-book gifts for book lovers:

Original Post from Huffington Post

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