Book Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need a little costume inspiration?? Check out this article from Brightly with loads of great book-inspired Halloween Costumes. And don’t forget, WSPL’s costume check-out starts on Monday, October 15!


23 Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids and Parents

by Janssen Bradshaw

Usually, I don’t get particularly excited about dressing up for Halloween. For me, it’s more stressful than anything else.

But I’ll admit that once I started looking for book-inspired costumes, I suddenly wanted a dozen Halloween parties to go to because I was swimming in great costume ideas.

Seriously, how amazing are some of these?

Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume for yourself, your elementary schooler, or your baby, there’s something great for every book lover here.

Miss Nelson & Miss Viola Swamp (Miss Nelson Is Missing!)


If there’s anything better than a good book costume, it’s TWO good book costumes. Whether you wear one one day and the other another, or pair up with a friend or sister, there’s something delightful about sweet Miss Nelson and the terrifying substitute, Miss Viola Swamp.

Corduroy (Corduroy)


As one of the most lovable bears in picture books, you really can’t go wrong with a Corduroy costume!

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


Besides being one of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time, Belle, of Beauty and the Beast, is also a huge book-lover herself. Plus, it’s so easy to do her costume — all you need is a blue dress, a white apron, and a big stack of books!

Max & Monsters (Where the Wild Things Are)


I saw a list recently that rated Where the Wild Things Are as the all-time most beloved children’s book, and I wasn’t a bit surprised. It’s a bonus that the characters make for fantastic costumes, whether for a child or for the whole family!

Wimpy Kid (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)


Whether you make a full headpiece or just print out a simple paper face mask, this is a crowd-pleasing costume that you probably have all the parts for already. My favorite kind!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)


If you want something simple but impactful, this classic picture book is a winner for a child or adult costume (or do lower-case letters for a child and upper-case for a grown-up for a fun pair).

To read the full artcle, click HERE

Original Post from Brightly

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