Book Love: What to Read if You Loved Ready Player One

ready playerone

If you joined in the millions who read and loved Ready Player One and want to continue that experience, check out these book suggestions from Brightly for your next read.


Books Like Ready Player One: 8 Out-of-This-World Next-Reads

by Dena McMurdie

In preparation for the movie release of Ready Player One, I read the book by Ernest Cline and instantly fell in love with it. After I finished it, I immediately jumped down a rabbit hole and read every book I could find about virtual reality, gaming, and outer space. I had the time of my life feeding my new obsession with this sci-fi sub-genre.

If you’ve read Ready Player One and are looking for books like it, check out these titles. They’ll fill the void left by RPO and satisfy your inner geek.

  • Nyxia

    by Scott Reintgen

    Emmett joins a group of teens selected to compete for the chance to mine a substance called Nyxia on a newly discovered planet. If you loved the competition, greed, and space setting in Ready Player One, you’ll find much to enjoy in this book as well.

  • Warcross

    by Marie Lu

    Like Ready Player One, Warcross is set in the near future where an immersive virtual reality game has become a way of life. With a breathtaking romance, high-stakes gaming tournament, and the lines between the virtual world and the real world becoming increasingly blurry, you won’t be able to set this book down.

  • Otherworld

    by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

    After a suspicious accident, Simon’s best friend Kat is not only paralyzed, but becomes the next subject in a new virtual reality beta test. But Simon senses something is off and dives into the virtual world after her. With wit, humor, and heart-pounding action, this book is perfect for any fan of Ready Player One.

  • The Illuminae Files Series

    by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

    This fascinating space saga is set in the distant future where mega-corporations go to war over planets, putting entire worlds in danger. Told through emails, documents, and messages, this series unfolds through the eyes of six teenagers as they fight against the corrupt corporations.

  • Crypt Quest/Space Battles

    by Gabe Soria, illustrated by Kendall Hale

    Just like Wade mastered the game Black Tiger in Ready Player One, you can become the star of an ‘80s-themed video game in this choose-your-own-adventure novel. Pick your game, navigate the levels, and win the game … or die trying.

  • Artemis

    by Andy Weir

    When she accepts a well-paying gig from a wealthy stranger, Jazz unknowingly puts herself smack in the middle of a plot to take over her city. Set in the one and only civilization on the moon, this other-worldly novel is a fantastic follow-up read for fans of Ready Player One.

  • Ender’s Game

    by Orson Scott Card

    Ready Player One is about a future society obsessed with the ‘80s whereas Ender’s Game is an ‘80s classic set in the future. With common themes like gaming, world domination, technology, and outer space, these two books will appeal to the same readers.

  • Genius the Game

    by Leopoldo Gout

    Three teens join a group of 200 geniuses from around the world in a competitive Game designed by India’s brightest young mind. If you loved the hunt and competition in Ready Player One, you’ll love the similar vibe in this book.


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