Tech Tuesday: Streaming Music

After having a conversation with a patron about how to stream music, I realized that there are so many options out there for streaming and a few basic things you need to know before getting started. For starters, some apps/sites are completely free and others have a subscription cost. Some programs have an option to download music to listen to when you are offline while others require an internet connection or data services. There are so many different options that it seems like a good idea to compile some info for you all in one place.

To get you started, here is a post from entitled, Everything You Need to Know About Streaming Music Service. Click HERE to read the article.

Now if you are getting the hang of this streaming business, here is an article is from that lists their choices for the top 15 Best Sites for Live Streaming Free Music. To read to full article click HERE.

The 15 Best Sites for Free Streaming Music

Listen to free streaming music and radio stations from all over the world!

Smiling Asian woman listening to streaming music on her phone in a crowded city.

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Music is the universal language, and with the amazing convenience of the World Wide Web, more music is available to us than from ever before in human history. From classic rock to alternative to baroque instrumentals, it’s possible to find free streaming music on the Web that will cater to virtually any musical taste.

In this article, we’ll look at the top fifteen sites for free streaming music, sports, news, talk shows, and much more. Wherever your taste may lie, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs in one of these offerings, and all of these are available to listen to via your computer or mobile device.

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play gives listeners the chance to upload and store thousands of songs from their own collections for free, create playlists, and listen to hundreds of thousands of songs in a huge variety of genres. You can listen for free to the Google Play radio offerings; users have the ability to subscribe with a small monthly fee which makes the experience ad-free.

Hype Machine

hype machine

If you’re looking for something to expand your musical tastes, Hype Machine is a great choice. This innovative site gives listeners the ability to find new music via people who are writing about the music that they love – all in one place, rather than skipping from site to site.  It’s an interesting way to find what people are starting to discover.



Shoutcast gives listeners the ability to listen to over 70,000 stations in a huge variety of genres, from Alternative to Talk to Holiday. However, that’s not the only thing you can do with Shoutcast – if you want to start your own radio station here, you can, with free broadcasting tools made available by the Shoutcast service. This is a great way to get something started with very little outlay.



AccuRadio makes listening to music online simply fun. They offer the standard genres of music, but they also offer enjoyable “channels” that change every so often and are a great way to discover new music – a nice alternative if you’re looking to discover new artists or genres you haven’t listened to before.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio gives users the ability to search by artist or song and stations will be suggested, with the ability to craft that station into exactly how you’d like it to be. There are different payment levels available here, but most of the features are absolutely free and listeners can take advantage of hundreds of stations.

iHeart Radio


Think of the sort of music you like, and iHeart Radio will suggest stations for you based on your preferences. You can also use iHeart Radio to listen to local stations all over the United States and Mexico, create stations based on popular artists, or discover top podcasts on a wide variety of subjects.


To read the full article, click HERE.


Hopefully, you feel a little more confident about streaming music now. But if you have any questions, stop by the library and we will do our best to help!


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