National Library Week


This week happens to be National Library Week. A time when we can all celebrate our love of libraries! Fly your book nerd flag high and enjoy it! Here at WSPL we have been celebrating by having classes from Mid-Prairie West Elementary visit and get to know the library a little better. Its been so much fun getting to meet lots of new kiddos!


We also have a fun contest happening for our patrons to participate in. Come check out the Book in a Jar and see if you can guess the title of the book inside! My hint to you blog readers is that the book is from the Junior Fiction section. Shhh!


Take advantage of all the fun library happenings this week and visit all of your local libraries! Did you know that if you are a Washington County resident you can get a library card at all three libraries in the county? So visit Kalona, Washington, and Wellman libraries and get a new card if you don’t have one yet! There are so many great books to be discovered at all three libraries!

Happy National Library Week!!


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