Tech Tuesday: Coding Basics

Coding has become one of those words that we hear so frequently now. Kids are learning to code in school, careers in the coding field are booming, and the success stories that have to do with a coder creating a new app are plentiful. So what is all the fuss about? Is coding something that you should even bother to learn? How hard is it to learn? And seriously, what exactly does it mean anyhow?

We are developing a Coding Club her at WSPL and so we are currently brushing up on our coding skills. There are some great programs out there that you can use to learn code from home for free. We thought we would share a few that we are using with you today so you can join us on our coding journey.

Khan Academy Hour of Code

Khan Academy provides free simple web-based classes that walk you through the basics of coding. They do not assume that you have any previous experience and do a great job breaking it all down. The program was created to use in the classroom but you can create an account and learn along.  Kids and adults both can gain some coding knowledge here.


Code Academy

Code Academy provides simple webpage based coding lessons. They explain coding in a way that most people should be able to understand it and pick up some new skills.



Scratch is a game based coding program that is designed to help you understand how basic coding works and create your own stories, games, and animations. This program uses blocks that you put together to make an interactive page.


Hopefully, this will help get you started with a little bit of code knowledge. Be on the lookout for more details about WSPL’s coding club!

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