Book Love: Who, What, Where, When


Are you in a book funk? Maybe you just can’t seem to find a book that you love at the moment. Or maybe you’ve just finished binge watching all of Downton Abbey and you want to continue to pretend to live in the 1920’s. If you’ve ever wondered how to search for book recommendations that are a little more specific than a simple Subject search in the catalog, we’ve got a great tool for you

WSPL offers many online resources for our patrons, but there is one specifically that can come in handy when you are searching for a book to read. Books and Authors, a part of Gale Resources, has a feature called, Who, What, Where, When; in which you can browse for a book based on characters, time period, location, or subject. It will then give you book recommendations based on your preferences. You can type in a specific item or use the drop down bars.


And while you’re there, poke around Books and Authors. It is a wealth of information for any book lover!

You will need your library card number to log on. For WSPL patrons, you will use the 5 digit number on the back of your card that starts with the number 9. If you are having trouble finding your number or logging on, feel free to give us a call here at the library for help.

You can start at the WSPL website or simply click on the link below to get there! Happy browsing!




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