Tech Tuesday: Steaming T.V.

Streaming television seems to be the future of at home entertainment. Companies like Netflix and Hulu are among the highest earning companies and continue to grow. If you are new to the world of streaming or if just curious, we have a few resources for you today to help you get started on your streaming journey.

AARP’s guide to Streaming

How to Watch TV Today

Our guide to get you into streaming

streaming tv

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A report earlier this year from Barclays, a Wall Street investment bank, suggested that more Americans age 50-plus are shifting away from broadcast and cable TV and getting their programs over the internet.

It’s never been easier to cancel your cable or satellite TV service and instead watch sitcoms, dramas, specials, movies, sports and other programs from an internet-delivered service such as Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV Now or YouTube TV.

But that doesn’t mean everyone — especially those uncomfortable with technology — will find it simple.

How streaming works

Instead of asking a TV provider, such as Comcast or DirecTV, to send you programs via their cable lines or satellite transmissions through a leased set-top box, you can connect a streaming device to your internet service.

Your viewing experience will only be as good as the quality of your internet service, which includes wireless or Wi-Fi connections if you have a home network. They must be fast and reliable, sending strong signals to any place you want to watch your shows.

If you get a weak link, then you’ll stew over dropped signals, frequent buffering pauses in your programs, pixelated images and garbled audio. You can minimize these problems, but even the best systems stall out from time to time. Remember that all the services and technologies are still young and evolving.

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Digital Trend’s Guide to Streaming

Cord cutting 101: How to quit cable for online streaming video

Once called an “experiment” by prognosticating pundits in the past, live streaming TV has captured the attention of a wide audience, with Dish Network’s Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and AT&T’s recently introduced DirecTV Now all in play. Channels and hit series that were once strictly bound by the confines of a cable subscription can now be accessed for a small monthly fee with no contract, no equipment rentals, and no crappy customer service to deal with. There’s never been a better time to kick cable to the curb.

Not everyone is cut out to be a “cord cutter,” though. Ditching cable or satellite service and the bill that goes with it sounds great in theory, but it’s not something you want to rush into without doing a little research and preparation first. As with most things, there’s a right way to go about cord cutting, and then there’s the way that sends you back to your cable company begging for forgiveness. We tend to prefer the right way … the awesome way.

Keep reading to find out the most cost-effective methods for dropping cable in favor of streaming.

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