Tech Tuesday: Device Advice

Christmas is less than a week away! Did you know that most of the Top 10 Gifts from 2016 were tech related? Which means you have a pretty good chance of being gifted a new gadget this Christmas. When the holiday dust has settled and its time to set up your new device you might find yourself stumped and frustrated. You are not alone! Learning how to set up and operate a new device can be tricky. Luckily the WSPL is here to help! We will be hosting an event on January 9th at 1:00 PM at the library to ease some of that frustration. While this event is geared towards seniors, we are here to help anyone who might be having trouble with their new device. This will be the first in an ongoing program series called Device Advice, providing tech advice and help to seniors. We will have a new program on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call here at the WSPL for more info.

Senior Device Advice

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