Tech Tuesday: Reboot

Remember back in the olden days of VCR and Cassette tapes? When the solution to a malfunctioning tape was to eject it and simply blow any (invisible?) dust away? Ever wonder if that really helped? Now a days it seems that rebooting your computer, smart phone or tablet is the modern day equivalent to blowing the dust off a cassette. Ever wonder what exactly that does? What technological miracles does restarting a computer preform? Here is a brief explanation from our local phone co-op explaining what exactly this process does.

Question: It seems like every time I contact a knowledgeable friend or a professional about a computer problem, the first thing they say is, “Did you try rebooting?” Does rebooting really solve that many problems and, if so, how?

Download Graphics to View Answer: Yes, rebooting can solve many computer problems and here’s why: As your computer runs, it starts and stops various processes but not always in the most efficient way. Some of them may remain open or partially open, using up valuable computing power. In addition, some programs may experience an issue and not run as expected, but not be able to stop the problem without shutting down and starting again from scratch. That’s why the “rebooting” advice is good not only for the entire device, but for individual programs as well. You can also try it if you run into issues with devices including a smartphone, tablet, or TV. Be aware, however, that if you’re rebooting regularly or rebooting doesn’t help, it may mean there’s a bigger problem involved.

Now sit back and relax, you learned something new today!

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