What We’ve Been Up To: Summer Reading Program

We’ve been busy so far this summer!  Check out what we’ve been up to:Week1KCRG

Justin Gehrts from KCRG’s weather lab came to speak to the kids about clouds and rain.  They really enjoyed seeing his presentation!


Our first craft was to make quilt squares for lap quilts for the nursing home.  The kiddos did a great job creating cheerful, colorful designs.  We are currently working on getting the quilts all sewn and ready.  We had enough squares to make 5 quilts!


The Grout Museum came and shared some fun science experiments with the kids.  They had a blast watching her and hearing the science behind the reactions.


Maryann from Reha Greenhouse came out and read a story to the kids and shared some plants.  She brought in some colorful plants for them to look at, some fragrant herbs for them to smell, and some soft plants for them to touch.  At the end they made a “rain storm” to “water the plants.”  It was so much fun!


Today, we painted Tin Can Planters.  It was so fun seeing the bright designs the kids created.  Hopefully soon, they’ll be filled with beautiful plants.

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