Tech Tuesday


It is sad that email scams exist, but it seems with each passing year more and more crop up.  In order to help educate and prevent anyone falling victim, here is some information about the recent Gmail scam:

“According to tech security site WordFence, the message comes from the email account of someone you know — someone whose account has already been compromised.

The email contains image attachments that appear to be PDF files, and when you click on the attachment, a new tab opens and prompts you to log into your Gmail account again.

The new tab then shows “” and appears to be a fully functioning and safe Google page — when in fact, it’s a fake scam site set up by hackers.”

“How to protect yourself from the Gmail scam:

Here’s what TechTimes suggests for avoiding this particular scam:

  • Users should make sure that there is nothing in front of the host file name, and should verify the protocol and the host name.
  • Also enabling the two-step authentication available for Gmail can stop the attack from taking place as the hacker would need the OTP (One Time Password) required for completing the login.”


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